I have no position on term limits per se.  I have argued against two measures that seek to impose term limits (Measure L) or change term limits (Measure R).  But I do not oppose these measures because I am opposed to term limits.  Both sides of the issue have merit.   

What I object to most fervently is the misleading and dishonest tactics used by politicians to further their own interests while lying to the public about the necessity of term limits and their efficacy.   

Term limits do not widen the playing field as they contend.  Term limits do open up jobs in public office, but if you follow local politics, it is plain to see that term limits promote a type of musical chairs. For many of these career politicians, in order to stay employed they have to hop from one elected office to another.  These offices open up, but they are quickly filled by well-known politicians who have the name recognition needed for fundraising and the financial backing to get elected.


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