My response to the article in the LA Times

                                                                                                                                                                      Dear Mr. Rubin,

Thank you for your article in Monday’s edition of the LA Times titled “School board reform plan on ballot; Amendment L, which would set term limits and restrict campaign contributions, is expected to win voters’ approval next month.”

I found it enlightening.

I sent a “Rebuttal to Measure L” to the “Letter to the Editor” section of your paper last week because I noticed that there was no rebuttal in the Voter Information Pamphlet.  I was pleased to see that your article focused on a few of those issues.  I was a little disturbed by the lack of focus on the problems that arise from campaign finance reform that I spotlighted in my rebuttal; i.e., how it hinders grassroots candidates from raising the needed funds by preventing individual supporters from writing large checks. 


And secondly, you made no mention of the issue of constitutionality.  This measure will change the City Charter and has three issues the voters are expected to pass or not pass. The state constitution expressly prohibits ballot initiatives from presenting more than one unrelated issue to the voters.

The following is taken from Article XI, sec. 7.5 of the State Constitution,

SEC. 7.5. (a) A city or county measure proposed by the legislative body of a city, charter city, county, or charter county and submitted to the voters for approval may not do either of the following: …(2) Contain alternative or cumulative provisions wherein one or more of those provisions would become law depending upon the casting of a specified percentage of votes for or against the measure.  

It seems that unless someone is willing to fight to protect the constitution and prevent obvious violations, laws will pass that are unconstitutional. 

Are you willing to let this happen?


Donna Connolly


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